What’s The Best Dj Equipment To Buy For Beginners 2018-2019

What is the best DJ Equipment to by in 2018! Well, 20 years ago the options for a Disc Jockey were very simple such as two turntables, a pair of headphones and a good mixer. Nowadays things are different. Although there are many purists who prefer to use vinyl, there are many who simply opt to bring just a good laptop and controller to a gig.

Some even just bring a USB stick and plug it into a pair of media players. But the things are changing all the time it is difficult to select what DJ equipment is essential and what not. The needs may be different for the beginners and the best performers.

Keeping this in mind we’ve selected a list of ten DJ items for beginners and professionals.

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Best DJ Equipment To Buy in 2018 Reviews

1. Pioneer CDJ900NXS Digital Player

Best Dj Equipment to buy in 2018There is little argument that the Pioneer CDJ range has been the preferred brand by professional DJs for more than a decade and with the launch of the flagship CDJ2000Nexus, they have consolidated their position. However, with that unit out of the financial reach of many, the CDJ900NXS offers a more affordable alternative for those who want standard industry equipment in the home.

It has almost all the features of its older brother in a more affordable package, which includes compatibility with Pioneer’s rekordbox software that can load pre-prepared tracks via USB or even a Wi-Fi connection. However, as its name would suggest, it is still possible to play your CD / CDRs in the traditional way. The large screen with high resolution is one of the outstanding features here, along with the sensitive high definition jogging wheel and the connection capability.

The CDJ900NXS also allows you to connect to other Pioneer units through a LAN connection, allowing you to upload music from a single hard drive to multiple platforms. The flexibility of Pioneer is also clearly evident with the additional possibility of loading MP3 files from your smartphone or tablet through the free rekordbox application.

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2. Ableton Push

Fulfilled and adaptable, Ableton is an accomplished and adaptable software that has become the access platform for DJs and producers thanks to its logical layout on the screen. Until recently, however, the software lacked a truly intuitive hardware interface, somewhat rectified with the launch of the Push controller.

More than just a device to activate clips, the controller has three modes to help you create rhythms using a simple step sequencer, a new way of entering melodic content that does not require the user to have years of experience in music theory. and a way to improvise their tracks, all through the 64 panels sensitive to speed and sensitive to pressure.

The hardware is powered by a USB bus connecting your Mac or PC and with Akai Professional as an engineering partner, the Push controller is a professionally finished matter. Whether you are an Ableton veteran or a newly converted disciple, the Push controller will grease your DJ’s wheels and live performance.

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3. Headphones AIAIAI TMA-1

With excellent sound quality, which is also less likely to damage hearing at high volume, the AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones are gaining popularity. Having been designed with the help of a large group of renowned DJs, the TMA-1s are both tranquilizing and pleasantly malleable, accentuating the quality and comfort of the audio.

The wide frequency response of closed-cup controllers takes you up to 20Hz and up to a 20kHz lens, and with a little bit of form, these headphones have been designed for bass music, making them ideal for dance music DJs. The lightweight design also features two pluggable cables: a shorter cable that includes a microphone for use with a smartphone and a longer one without it.

Having been tested in a variety of situations, including clubs, studios and live shows, these headphones are the ideal partner for hardworking DJs and musicians.

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4. Audio Technica LP1240 USB Professional DJ Turntable

With the renewed interest in the vinyl that continues to increase, it makes sense that there is a modern deck that presents all the necessary functions for the DJ with some additional extras. The LP1240 from Audio Technica manages to follow the classic but sadly discontinued Technics 1210 and builds on this much-loved design.

It includes start/stop control, lens light, adjustable legs, tone attenuator, strobe plate and non-slip mat as expected and adds reverse playback, 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm options, stereo phono preamp and USB capacity for mixing. This means that it is possible to record your vinyl collection directly on your Mac or PC, converting it to a digital format of your choice, including MP3 and WAV. If you are looking to expand your DJ experience by adding vinyl mix to your skill set, then the Audio Technica LP1240 could be the solution you are looking for. And If you want to learn about music theory visit here.

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5. DJ Tech DIF-1S Two-channel DJ scratch mixer

High-performance mixers designed for scratch DJs can be expensive, but if you need a flexible two-channel battle style mixer that’s simple and affordable, DJ Tech’s DIF 1S will cover all those bases. For this mixer, DJ Tech has decided to maintain a simple two-channel design that features the respected Audio Innovate Mini InnoFader, performing crossfade tasks. It is possible to adjust the crossfader curve and invert the attenuators for those that favor hamster-style scratching and have gain equalization control and three bands for each program channel. Perhaps the most innovative feature is revealed in the source selection control that allows vinyl covers, CD covers, and digital vinyl control systems, which means you no longer have the hassle of unplugging and reconnecting your DVS box while another person is clicking. This is the ideal mixer for use in a small bedroom setting, and for anyone looking for an affordable, flexible mixer that can accommodate a microphone and have ports for 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphones.

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6. Magma Root DJ backpack (large)

This strong and reliable DJ bag is designed to carry the essentials of a digital DJ setup that includes a controller or mixer, a 19 “laptop, as well as timcode records and many accessories. ordered can be divided into two by a partition with velcro that can be removed if necessary, and is ideal to carry a controller such as the VCI-380, Ableton Push or Kontrol S2, or small mixers such as Native. , leaving enough room for a laptop to slide in. Alternatively, you can use the bag to carry a laptop and a small keyboard controller or drum machine, such as Dave Smith Instruments Tempest.The front sleeve will store up to five discs. 12 “vinyl and if you need space for headphones, cables and maybe even a small controller like X1 or F1, there is ample space in the pockets front illo.

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7. Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller / Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MkII

It can be a trap to place two controllers in one place, but if you are a digital DJ, it is most likely that you use one of the two software: Serato DJ or Traktor. Instead of sacrificing one over the other, it makes sense to include what we believe are the best drivers for both systems in one place. If you are a Serato DJ user, then Pioneer’s new effort is the first controller that works with the popular software. The DDJ-SR is the most compact version of Pioneer’s largest DDJ-SX unit; however, the younger brother has many of the same characteristics. The two aluminum wheels, the built-in sound card, the large transport controls and the performance pads are present and correct. The DDJ-SR has two built-in channels with adjustable fader curve, trim, equalizer, effects control, filter and a six-segment level meter for visual feedback. The launch of hot signals and samples is automatically synchronized with BPM, and other labor-saving features, such as combined effects, allow you to activate multiple effects with a single panel. Coming from the stable Pioneer, the users of their CDJ players and their DJM mixers will feel at ease and completely at home with this controller.

Best Disk Jockey Equipment to buy

For strict and integrated control of your Traktor software, look no further than the Kontrol S4 MkII from Native Instruments. Long considered the industry standard for DJ controllers, the S4 gives you access to four creative mixing platforms with a built-in 24-bit / 96 kHz sound card that is as easy to use as it’s possible. Touch control comes in the form of two rotating wheels, tone attenuators, effects control knobs and access to extended Traktor features, such as Remix Decks, which can be accessed via the S4’s backlit color pads . Further enhanced by a flexible integrated four-channel mixer, with equalizer and gain control, the S4 also presents a variety of versatile connection possibilities, including MIDI, pedal control and headphone outputs, booth and high gain master. The muscular S4 MkII is also adaptable enough to allow you to use two analog decks, a microphone and it is even compatible with your iPhone or iPad with Traktor DJ, and it also comes in a simplified version of two platforms known as S2.

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8. Cartridge and pencil Ortofon Concorde S120

For those who still play with vinyl, buying new needles may be a minefield, but Ortofon has proven to be the most appropriate company in this field, and the progressive design of the S120 cartridge provides the greatest amount of flexibility and freedom for vinyls. DJ. One of the main concerns of record collectors and busy DJs is the amount of wear that excessive play has on their vinyl. The Concorde S120 introduces new low levels of unprecedented recording wear and is accompanied by an amazing audio quality even with a modern DJ cartridge design, making the S120 a pencil and a cartridge of choice. Ortofon has used an innovative asymmetric suspension to improve tracking and ensure that the needle remains in the slot, even in challenging live performance conditions.

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9. Pioneer DJM750 mixer

Along with its renowned CDJ media players, Pioneer has also been at the forefront of cutting-edge mixing technology and its popularity as the workhorse of the DJ world is evident in the clubs and bar booths around the world, the most of which find there a Pioneer mixer of some description. The DJM750 offers DJs of all experiences, the tools to deliver creative sets with excellent sound quality on four channels.

There are thirteen synchronized effects of rhythms that include roll sample, phaser, filter, delays, and reverberations, plus an organic vinyl break effect that works in conjunction with the automatic BPM cursors. In addition, there is an updated sound color effects section that includes noise, jet, filter and crushes under the control of a single knob. In addition to supporting traditional covers, the DJM750 allows you to connect directly via USB, with the integrated 24-bit / 96kHz sound card. With a full set of professional audio connections on the back, this mixer is the new workhorse of the DJM range.

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10. Faderfox UC3 Driver

If you are a traveling DJ or producer and the space in your luggage is tight, chances are you are interested in one of the smallest drivers in the market. Faderfox has been at the lowest point of the compact MIDI controller design in recent years and with the launch of the UC3 universal controller they have set a new precedent in multi-level control. Equipped with eight program faders and underlined with a crossfade, the UC3 includes eight push encoders and a four-digit display for visual commentary.

Although the UC3 is a universal controller capable of helping you become familiar with any amount of DJ software and production packages, it is configured to work with Ableton Live 8, which is perhaps the most obvious configuration for this unit. This lightweight driver is wrapped in a rugged black plastic shell with one foot to raise the metal faceplate to a comfortable angle. This USB interface does not require the installation of any annoying driver and is even compatible with iPad using a camera connection kit.

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Best DJ Controllers 2018

Top 10 Best DJ Controllers 2018

Best Dj Controller 2018Top 10 Best DJ Controllers 2018! MIDI controllers are a quite new thing for the DJ industry, but they are proven to be effective and capable enough to stick around. After many test and review, we have chosen the top 10 DJ controllers.

We have considered several factors when putting this top 10 list of the best DJ controllers 2018  like the price, the number of channels, DJ Software, Amount of space left for personal creativity and other features.

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1. Numark NS7III

Motorized platters of Numark NS7II are like the dream of any digital DJ craving to connect with the culture of DJing.  It offers the industry standard Serato software that makes it a top DJ controller.

The Numark NS7III has got nearly everything that the other controller on this list has, and even more. If you can afford the investment, you do not want to miss out this masterpiece.

Price                     $$$

Channels             4

Software             Full version of Serato

Included Extras Motorized platters,  16 drum pads, and color screens.

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2. Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2

The Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 isn’t the most effective Pioneer controller available in the market. However, it’s one of the best DJ controllers that balances price and functionality.

It is built to use with Serato. This DJ controller has all of the buttons you wish to use the program perfectly by only using your laptop for song choice.

This is a good alternative for anybody who loves using Pioneer product.

Price                     $$$

Channels             4

Software             Full version of Serato

Included Extras 16 sampler buttons, DVS upgrade ready, and 24-bit 48 kHz soundcard.

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3. Allen & Heath Xone:4D

In an era wherever DJs need to be able to use different software, and not need to accept simply Serato or just Traktor, the Allen & Heath Xone:4D provides all that you are searching for.

With an exceptional inbuilt soundcard, 105 assignable MIDI controls, and the options that any professional DJ would want, this controller is hands down one of the most effective DJ controllers.

This controller also can be used with recording software like Pro Tools or Ableton Live. this can be an excellent choice for DJs who create their own mixes.

Price                     $$$

Channels             4

Software             None, but can be used with most professional audio software.

Included Extras High-quality soundcard (24-bit 96 kHz, 20 channel output),  compatibility with most professional audio software and 105 MIDI controls,

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4. Denon DJ MCX8000

Much like Numark, Denon is a nice brand to think about for any DJ who needs high features at a lower cost. The Denon DJ MCX8000 offers everything the above controllers do, and more.

Most noteworthy regarding this model is the fact that it’s created with metal, that makes it one of the most sturdy controllers available. Add in a top-grade soundcard, and we are left with one of the most effective DJ controllers available.

Price                     $$$

Channels             4

Software             Full version of Serato

Included Extras Metal Construction,  16 drum pads, 2 screens, included soundcard (24-bit 48 kHz), 3 built-in effects.

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5. Numark Mixtrack Pro II

The Numark Mixtrack pro II may be a top selection for any DJ searching for a budget option. It comes with entry level DJ software system (which you’ll eventually need to upgrade), a inbuilt audio interface, and can be simply connected to any pa system.

If you’re searching for top-of-the-line options for your DJ controller, you may need to consider investing a bit more cash.

This controller can serve you well, however you’ll probably get bored by its simplicity, thus you’ll need to keep reading down this list if you’re in it for the long haul.

This controller is best used by a beginner, or for practice, because it is arguably too basic for any creative live intermixture.

Price                      $$$

Channels             3

Software             Serato DJ Intro

Included Extras Built-in audio interface, microphone and headphone connections, 16 drum pads and Numark remix toolkit.

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6. Numark NVII

One good thing regarding Numark is that they {are|they’re} nice at providing competitive pricing for options that are usually out of their price range. The Numark NVII isn’t any different and maybe a marvel of a controller given its price tag.

Not only will this controller include the total version of Serato but also makes it easier for DJs who need to use their pc less, and controller more.

On both sides of the controller, there’s a 4.3” screen that directly mimics what you’d see on Serato, and might also be used to choose songs.

Be sure to note though that this controller isn’t a standalone, and still needs a laptop with the included Serato software.

The only probably bad issue regarding this controller is that it offers a lower quality output than is possible in its enclosed audio interface

.Price                       $$$
Channels              4
Software              Full version of Serato

Included Extras Two 4.3 screens, 16-bit 44.1 kHz audio interface and 16 drum pads with different “pad modes

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7. Reloop Terminal Mix 8

Perhaps a tad bit expensive, the Reloop Terminal mix eight makes up for the extra price tag by providing sturdy construction, guaranteeing that your controller won’t have buttons fall off while you’re transporting it to and from a gig.

This controller offers a lot of versatility than most models, and may be used with the included full version of Serato, Traktor, or Virtual DJ, whichever software you like. It additionally includes many extra drum pads and knobs to assist you produce a personalized controller.

Price                      $$$$

Channels             4

Software             Full version of Serato

Included Extras 16 sampler buttons,  large platters with a “real” feel, able to be used with most popular software,

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8. Pioneer DDJSR Pro DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJSR Pro DJ Controller is a pretty good choice for any DJ for its low price and the fact that it offers the full version of Serato.

If you are a DJ and looking for a relatively cheap way to switch to Serato, this Pioneer DDJSR Pro controller is for you.

Other features of this controller are almost the same as the previous ones on this list.

Price                     $$$

Channels             2

Software             Full version of Serato

Included Extras 16 drum pads, large platters,

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9. Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2

This Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 controller is a nice bridge between beginner and professional-grade DJ controller. This best DJ controller is equipped with Traktor Pro 2. It offers a beginner-intermediate level DJ with plenty of room to improve their skills.

Before you purchase this controller be sure to research more on the Traktor software. Because it is not made with other DJ software in mind. Traktor is a good program, but there are many DJs who prefer others.

This is our top DJ controller under $500.

Price                      $$$

Channels             2 (+2 remix channels on the Traktor software)

Software             Traktor Pro 2

Included Extras Design mimics Traktor software, iPhone, and ipad integration, 8 extra drum pads, high-quality sound output.

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10. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 is the top alternative for any DJ who loves the Traktor software. This controller offers four channels. It has also got enough buttons and knobs to keep you up all night.

Like it’s simplistic predecessor, this controller is constructed to be used simply with the included Traktor Pro 2 software.

If you’re DJ who needs a reliable, sturdy, and professional controller to use with Traktor, this can be the one you would like to buy.

Price                     $$$

Channels             4 (+2 remix channels on Traktor software).

Software             Traktor Pro 2

Included Extras Design mimics Traktor software, Club-ready output and Silicone-dampled jog wheels with aircraft-grade aluminum plates, 

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Final Verdict:

Every DJ desires to use only the best DJ controllers. However, most of us working in the industry are restricted in our budget and would love to possess all of the most recent features at a good price.

As a result, some of the costlier controllers were purposefully left off this list because they’ll get replaced with the cheaper alternatives listed above.

As you’re making your decision on which controller you want to buy, keep in mind your individual style, and the features that you simply need to be successful. This top ten DJ controllers list was created with the intent of helping DJs continue to become better.

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Best Dancefloor Lighting Reviews 2018 ( Light Up The Dance floor )

Dancefloors and Parties are basically synonymous and only the right lighting can make a dancefloor rocking. With the Best dance floor lighting Get the party started– a static spotlight or a moving followspot will do amazing things for featured dances like the romantic (or lively!) first bridal dance. Even a father-daughter dance will be all the sweeter when the Party light follows Dad twirling his beloved daughter around the dance floor.

A position-able followspot can do double duty, highlighting toasts by the best man and maid of honor. If your party guests love to dance, add some good club lighting to make the crowd excited and moving. Just A few colored wash lights can make a dance floor come alive but automated lights that offer color changes, movement, and strobe effects will add a new level of pizzazz to the music. And that will give your guests a fun evening they won’t forget soon.

Checkout Best Dancefloor Lights 

1. DJ light Sound Activated Party Lights Disco Ball

I bought this item and I highly recommend it. It is economical and packs a good bright punch of disco ball light for the price. It is small, perhaps 6 inched in diameter, but it puts out a very bright light that can easily project across an entire living room ceiling and down some of the walls. My living room is 17 feet x 17 feet with 9 foot ceilings and it was great, worked very well. The light effect rotates slightly from within the device, the device itself does not turn or spin.

This little light show does a wonderful job of making any room festive and delightful!! When you have a speaker close to it, it will work with the music. Easy to set up. The only problem I found, is that the tab on the bulb was broken when I took it out to set it up. I quickly mended this issue by using superglue on the base of the bulb, that’s why I gave it 4 stars, the bulb can be easily damaged either during transit or at home, but it can be easily repaired using my technique.

Key Features:

  1. RGB 3W Party lights or KINGSO DJ light turns on immediately when it is plugged in
  2. This DJ Dancefloor light will automatically light on and the light changes nicely with the rhythm of the music.
  3. This light got 7 Colors Changing such as green, red, blue, red/green, red/blue, green/blue, or all the colors together.
  4. This mini stage light can create good lively visual effects and atmosphere.
  5. It has got an auto mode that automatically changing colors after you plug in without off/on switch and changing code button
  6. It also got sound activated mode that changes light colors along with the beats of the music. The faster the beats the colors will change rapidly.( WITHOUT REMOTE CONTROLLER )
  7. This light is made up with durable hard plastic material ball top that has long Lifespan more than 10,000 hours and you will get 1 years guarantee with this best dancefloor light.
  8. Irradiation area is within 10-15 square meters but the splash of different colors it produces on the wall, ceiling or better yet in the entire room;
  9. The power cord is about 110cm/3.6ft; without off/on switch; without remote; ABS plastic case; Small DJ light just 3.62-inch diameter.
  10. It is suitable for the wedding celebration and the birthday party for gathering friends, also better for using on shop entrance to attract crowds and increase business opportunities.

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2. WOWTOU RGB LED Mini Disco Ball Party Light Show with Remote

When I decided to purchase one of these lights, I spent hours combing through reviews on Amazon trying to figure out which ones came with what and had what features – it wasn’t easy since most of the product descriptions were pretty unhelpful. So I wrote this review to summarize exactly what this has, does, and how it differs from others available on Amazon as far as I can tell from their reviews.

First of all, I want to say that I bought it with my own money as a Christmas gift for my nephew and then, once I saw how cool this best dancefloor light was, I bought it again to have one for my own family. My nephew wanted a disco-ball light and there were several similar ones on Amazon. I spent a few hours going through the reviews and trying to decide. This one is USB-powered which I didn’t really need. I actually wanted one that plugs into a regular wall outlet. But it seemed like the ones that plugged into the wall did not actually shut all the way off with the remote. The reviews said that the lights would shut off but the motor that rotated the ball would keep going unless you completely unplugged it. I thought that would be inconvenient, so I purchased this one because one of the reviews said it did shut all the way down with the remote.

Key Features

  1. It is a multi-colored LED disco lights for parties, made from 3 x 1W red, blue, green super bright LEDs
  2. This best dancefloor light comes with remote controller,12-Feet Power Cord and 360-degree bracket (stick on glass, ceramic or any other smooth surface)
  3. easy to operate for creating amazing party lighting effect
  4. DC 5V USB powered portable crystal magic rotating ball stage light, easy to work with power bank, PC, laptop and car charger, help you hold mobile DJ lighting events anywhere
  5. Unique double-paint flame-resistant plastic housing, durable and smooth to touch while other stage lights are single-paint with rough appearance
  6. This remote disco lighting allow you to select rotating speed (static or slow to fast), strobe lighting, 3-mode sound activated, 7-pattern lighting (R/G/B/BR/BG/RG/RGB);
  7. It is an Ideal ambient lighting for indoor and outdoor party, gathering, wedding events, ballroom, Barbecue or as dome light for car interior mood lighting

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3. SUNY 5 Len RGB Laser Light Gobo LED Lighting Z80RGRB for DJ Home Show Event Party Decoration Projector

The thing is awesome for what it is. The original shipment arrived without the remote. Which is totally necessary to control it. I contacted the seller, they were apologetic and more than helpful in getting a remote out to me. They gave me a few options to select from and I ended up buying a new unit. They had me select one day shipping and waved the fee, as well as provided a return label for the first one.
The unit itself is compact and does a good job covering a room or dance floor. The blue LED for the “mixing effect” gets very bright and can wash out the laser beams and at times. You can turn it off/on with the remote if you prefer. The on board mic is very responsive and the sensitivity can be adjusted with the remote. Overall I’m happy with it. 5 stars for the quick and responsive customer service.

Oh yeah, baby, this is it. For a child of the 60’s who fell in love with the Laserium at the Seattle Center and always dreamed of having one at home, this is a good start. The lights are powerful enough to cover my large front room ceiling and the patterns are very nice even if they do get a little repetitious after a while. If I were to complain about anything it would be an irritation flicker while switching patterns. That clears up a lot when the unit warms up. I am adding the red and green unit and the lava lamp projector to add some more variety. I will lay down a base coat of Star Shower to project it all onto. Maybe both my Star Showers, who knows.

Key Features

  1. RGB Laser Light, Professional DJ Lights, Family Party Light, Festival Event Decorative Lights, Decor Indoor Effect Light; Effect(s): Multiple combined patterns by 20 gobos; Remote Control / AUTO / Sound Activated / Pattern Rotation / Stepping Effect.
  2. Use this light to light up for your house space or some professional occasion, like the living room, your little kids’ bedroom, dance floor, birthday party, family party, holiday parties, X’mas tree, wall, DJs, pubs, clubs, stage shows, etc. It would be a great device to create an amazing show.
  3. Certified by: FCC, FDA, CE, and RoHS; Class IIIa / IIIr Laser Product; Projection Rate: < 5mW;
  4. Instruction Information About the Remote Control: Remove the insulation tab from the battery compartment of the Remote Control to activate the battery and make sure the button cell battery(CR2025) is installed properly.
  5. Six-month Warranty; Excellent after-sale service; Please contact customer service for the assistant if any problem.

Buy From Amazon

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Best DJ Accessories Reviews 2018-2019

The best DJ Accessories and gear out there depends on who you are as a disc jockey. However as technology continues to grow, it has become very important to upgrade our current setups to increase our workflow and abilities to spin and mix.

After many research and reviews on high-rated DJ accessories around the market, we have chosen top 10 most important Dj Accessories that are listed here. We want to provide our readers with an all-in-one shopping guide and review on all of our favorite pieces of DJ accessories and gear in the world. Let’s get started!

Checkout Best DJ Accessories

The 10 best DJ accessories review 2018

Here is a list of the 10 best DJ accessories that are useful and life-saving.

1. A good Gig Bag

As a DJ, you drown yourself in the cables. Surely, has already started to be good at packaging the cables correctly, but you put them too?

With a nice bag like the Odyssey Space Rack Bag, you have plenty of space to safely store all the extra things you’ll acquire and transport naturally from one event to another.

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2. Dancefloor lighting

The lighting/atmosphere of the dance floor can create or destroy an event. It’s also one of the most expensive parts of being a DJ.

In many circumstances, what you are trying to achieve with the lighting of the dance floor can be achieved by using a wide range of budget packages. An excellent offer for DJ lighting right now is the American LED Supply Pak 2 LED which, of course, can be combined with much more expensive lighting systems.

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3. Laptop Support Stand

If you’re using a laptop with your setup, you’ve probably already encountered a problem so you can quickly use it based on the controls. That’s why we suggest considering a laptop stand.

The perfect support for your laptop can be hard to find, but if you’re using a Mac PC, you should consider looking at this laptop. Its portability makes it a great way to free up space in your laptop configuration.

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4. American DJ Tape

Using tape will be strange, but when you use it, it will save lives. As a professional DJ, the insulating tape will save your performance many times during your career, so make sure you bring something with you at all times.

The only problem with the tape is that it can destroy the things it is positioned on. That’s why we recommend buying a low-residual product, such as American DJ Tape.

Of course, there are many other options to consider when it comes to insulating tape. Remember that you will probably buy only 1 or 2 rolls that will last more than 5 years.

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5. Power Management (Eliminator E107 Control Center)

As a professional DJ, you’ll always need more outputs for something. As a result, it’s really better if you buy a diet that gives you a great ability to be creative and add to your configuration.

The E107 elimination control center offers eight separate three-pin connectors. These types of systems are excellent for several reasons: they are easy to store and screw into cabinets and also eliminate damage caused by cables.

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6. Rack Case

If you use products such as power amplifiers, wireless microphones or multiple sockets, you may have already noticed that these products can be screwed securely into a housing. Products like Gator 10 Space Rack Homes are a worthy investment to follow.

With rack cases, you can transport multiple components in a single case without worrying about breaking them. Because of this, they have no price.

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7. RCA to Headphone Adapter

Being able to connect an iPod, a phone or any Mp3 device to your configuration is a must as a DJ. Explain more things that you do not see coming, instead of the things you see coming.

When something does not work, it can kill your sound, you can always use an iPod again. There are also circumstances in which it is necessary to take a request for an iPod.

Having a quality cable from a trusted brand like Monster iCable will prove at one time or another that it is a lifesaver.

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8. Double RCA to RCA Cords

Unless you are using a fully digital configuration, you will probably need RCA cables to connect the controllers to a mixer or other components to connect the configuration. RCA cables are one of the products that really can be essential

We recommend quality in relation to the price of the cables because the strength of the connection can affect the quality of the sound. The Monster DJ RCA stereo cables are a great opportunity to explore and are not that expensive.

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9. A coffin

When you have the classic DJ configuration with 2 CDJ and a mixer, it is almost necessary to have a coffin. Using and storing some of your coffee facilities is something very convenient to do.

Coffins like the Odyssey CD DJ Coffin Case are especially easy for all DJ needs, as they have wheels and a very robust design. If you plan to get a coffin, make sure it is useful for its use, storage, and transportation.

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10. External hard drive

If you do not have one yet, you will soon have a large music library and you can even have video clips or karaoke libraries to put in your total collection. Sooner or later, you will need a place to store all this information, and it is very easy to bring the entire music library to other DJ settings if you bring all your files to a hard drive.


For portability, price, and capacity, we recommend WD 1TB My Passport. Western Digital is a great brand of hard drives, and you can still buy 2TB if you think 1TB is not enough.

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Final Verdict:

All these products are the best DJ accessories if you have a limited budget. The best DJ accessories can really be different according to the needs of each DJ.

However, we hope to have shown that some of the best DJ accessories can be much cheaper than you imagine. This DJ accessory from the top 10 must serve as a reference to help you make informed decisions.

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Best compact cameras for professional photographers 2018-2019

Best compact cameras for professional photographers 2018! Compact cameras and the compact camera market have changed a lot in recent years. Smartphones have decimated the basic range of “point-and-shoot” models that were popular. Therefore, manufacturers have focused on introducing more advanced camera features to make them more attractive than ever.

In addition to having larger sensors to improve image quality that can compete with DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras, some compact cameras have long approach distances or wide openings, allowing for greater flexibility. Wi-Fi connectivity is now also mandatory on most computers, so you can quickly upload photos to a phone to share on Facebook and more.

There are small cameras that can slide in a pocket but have huge zoom ranges and large cameras that resemble DSLRs but have a fixed lens and many easy-to-use automated options. These cameras show that it is not necessary to buy a camera that uses interchangeable lenses to obtain exceptional images.


Checkout Best Compact Cameras

1. Fujifilm X100F

This is perhaps one of the most expensive options here and it is not a contract for everyone, but if you are looking for a high quality camera, you will not be disappointed by the fabulous X100F. Everything about him exudes class. Unlike many compact cameras, it has a fixed lens compared to a zoom lens, but this 35mm f / 2.0 lens is paired with a 24.3MP APS-C sensor the size of a DSLR that offers cracking results. There are also external touch controls and the intelligent hybrid viewer: you can choose between the electronic and optical views that make it nice to shoot. You will need a photographic experience to get the most out of it, but the X100F is an exquisite camera that will make you want to if you make the jump.

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2. Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV

If you are looking for a powerful all-in-one bridge camera, the Sony RX10 IV is the best. You pay a premium for this performance, but when you look at what there is for the same price, the RX10 IV is practically in a separate league.

Equipped with a large f / 2.4-4 zoom of 24-600 mm, the RX10 IV is based on the RX10 III with a revised AF system that now does justice to the rest of the camera, while the 1-inch 20.1 MP sensor is able to achieve excellent levels of detail. The maneuverability is very polite, it feels like a DSLR in the hand and is completed with a large and bright electronic viewfinder. This does not forget the ability to capture video in 4K and shoot up to 24 fps. Fantastic things

3. Panasonic Lumix ZS200 / TZ200

Panasonic invented the type of travel zoom camera: compact cameras that you can put in your pocket but with a long integrated zoom. Despite strong competition, the ZS range (known as TZ outside the US) continued to dominate sales and is expected to continue with the bright Lumix ZS200 (TZ200 outside the US).

As we saw for the first time with the ZS100 / TZ100, Panasonic has retained the same dimensions as in the case of the previous TZ cameras but is able to insert a wider 1-inch sensor in the camera for better image quality. The zoom lens is not that big, but the versatile 15x zoom should be more than enough for most users, while you also get an electronic viewfinder (small), 4K video and an excellent touchscreen interface. If you are looking for a compact all-in-one camera that offers excellent images, you are ready.

4. Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

While there is now a decent choice of 1.0-inch high-quality compact camcorders, the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II stands out for its thin proportions and simplified controls. Pocket size means you have to make sacrifices, with the PowerShot G9 X Mark II with a relatively short zoom lens. However, if you are looking for a compact and compact camera that can produce superior images on your smartphone, with decent connectivity options and easy-to-use controls, the PowerShot G9 X Mark II is an excellent choice.

5. Panasonic Lumix LX10 / LX15

Panasonic has deepened the 1-inch premium sector with the brilliant Lumix LX10 (known as the LX15 outside the United States) and is the perfect balance of performance, features, and price.

First, the bad news: there is no built-in viewfinder and the smooth finish does not offer the best grip, but the 24-72 mm lens is one of the fastest with a maximum aperture of f / 1.4. If we add maneuverability with two control rings and a touch screen, an agile AF and 4K acquisition will have one of the best compact cameras.

6. Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V

The original Sony RX100 was a historic camera that combined a 1-inch sensor in a compact metal housing with the controls and image quality required by enthusiasts. However, the RX100 V goes even further with a “stacked” sensor design for high-speed data acquisition.

This means you can shoot 4K videos, incredible 40x slow-motion images and 24fps still images in continuous burst mode. This does not mean forgetting the small integrated electronic screen that is missing from its competitors. It’s an expensive option and has its quirks, but if you’re looking for a versatile compact pocket with a quality zoom, you will not be disappointed.

7. Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 / FZ2500

This trend towards larger sensors appears in the Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 (known as FZ2500 in the United States). Bridge cameras are very popular because they offer a colossal zoom range at a modest cost. However, to design a large zoom, manufacturers need to use a small sensor and Panasonic made the wise decision to sacrifice the zoom range for better quality.

Panasonic FZ2000 uses a 1-inch sensor and while the zoom exceeds the equivalent of 480 mm, which is relatively short for a bridge camera, it is sufficient for everything except for the most extreme daily use. We love the FZ2000 because it offers image quality and a zoom range: if you’re looking for something cheaper, the previous FZ1000 is still available.

8. Canon PowerShot G1 Mark III

Enthusiastic photographers usually opt for a digital SLR or a compact camera, but they also want something in their pockets for the days when the big camera has to stay at home. Usually, it means keeping a smaller sensor, but not this time.

In a sense, Canon has an APS-C sensor the size of a compact digital camera in a compact camera. There is also an integrated electronic viewfinder and a refined touchscreen interface. The zoom range is a little modest at 24-72 mm, but it does not look like anything anymore.

9. Sony Cyber-shot WX220

If you want a compact camera that can do a better job than your smartphone, the WX220 meets many requirements, especially if you take into account the greater flexibility offered by the 10x optical zoom, which ranges from 25 to 250 mm.

The images are bright and solid, with decent details, ideal for online sharing or printing in typical formats, while it is also nice to see the Wi-Fi connectivity. The 2.7-inch screen is a bit small, but helps keep the camera’s size in a pocket size. It is possible that the WX220 does not have many good things, but what it does, it does well.

10. Leica Q

When the photograph was shot, most compact cameras got 35mm reels and a professional SLR. This meant that as long as your camera had a decent lens, you could get brilliant results. Digital photography has changed the concept and many compact cameras have much smaller sensors that make it difficult to get high quality images.

Leica and Sony are the only companies that produce a compact camera with a full-frame sensor, and while the Sony RX1 models are fantastic, the Leica Q (Typ 116) has won us over. The biggest disadvantage of Q is its price, there is no way to avoid it.

But with this huge amount of money, you get an ASPH Leica Summilux 28mm f / 1.7 lens, an excellent 3,680,000 dot electronic viewfinder, a 3-inch touchscreen and 1,040,000 dots, a fast autofocus, traditional exposure controls and capabilities to create impressive images Despite the price, Leica cannot do enough Q to satisfy the demand.

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