Best Bluetooth Speaker 2018-2019 ( Best Speaker Under 100)

Best Bluetooth Speaker 2018Best Bluetooth Speakers 2018! There’s a Bluetooth speaker for just about every person, from those who want only the best sound to outdoor adventurers. Now advanced technology is bringing us smaller and more affordable portable speakers than ever.

After testing more than 30 Bluetooth speakers in all shapes and sizes we’ve put together the top 5 list to help narrow down your choices. We have selected these Bluetooth speakers based on excellent audio quality, stylish, solid battery life, and waterproof design. Each of the speakers on our list has something special to offer. 

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1. Ultimate Ears Roll ($ 69)

Best Bluetooth Speaker 2018

A portable Bluetooth speaker that can avoid a dive or a few minutes in the rain is one thing, but anyone can dive into the lower part of the pool for an energetic game of “catch the speaker” is something completely different. The Ultimate Ears Roll (UE) is simply a device of this type. And the best part is that pulling the duty as a submersible transmitter is just an advantage: it’s a fully respectable portable speaker in any size.

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2. Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker ($ 29.99)

Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker

With only $ 29.99, we really did not know what to expect when we tried this interesting creation of the less known brand, Inateck. However, we were pleasantly surprised to have a clear and present sound and many features in a robust box, which makes the BTSP-10 a valuable find. Although it is possible that the speaker does not carry the bass, it brings many details to the table, with a maximum operating time of 15 hours on a single charge, a microphone and an auxiliary input of 3 5 mm. Some might be disappointed that the Plus does not charge on the phone, but at $ 29.99 it gets really greedy.

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3. JBL Charge 2+ ($ 89.99)

JBL Charge 2+ maintains the sophisticated design and feel of the original charge 2, but with a better overall sound quality, an impressive feat, since the charge 2 already had an excellent response to the bass and mids. The Charge 2+ also has an 8-hour battery life and is splash proof (though not completely waterproof), making it an excellent outdoor speaker.

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4. JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black) ($ 39.99)

For those who want extreme portability and are willing to sacrifice the sound quality to get it, JBL Clip is the speaker to beat. The speaker comes with a carabiner that you can attach to your backpack or belt so that the speaker can accompany you when you go into action, whether you are walking on paths or climbing a granite track. Like vibration, battery life is low in just 5 hours, but solid sound and serious portability make this speaker an intelligent purchase.

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5. Sony SRSX5 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System with Speakerphone ($ 98)

Sony SRS X5 is the smaller version of the SRS X7, both characterized by a basic rectangular design that, although undervalued and unpretentious, is a robust device. Despite its simple structure, SRS x5 includes a wide range of features, such as a built-in speaker, NFC synchronization and a battery that is powerful enough to support up to 8 hours of continuous playback. But how does it sound? In terms of sound quality, the SRS X5 offers clear, high-volume sound. It is true that the bass capacities of the SRS X5 are insufficient compared to some items on our list, but it remains a viable option.

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