Best DJ Accessories Reviews 2018-2019

The best DJ Accessories and gear out there depends on who you are as a disc jockey. However as technology continues to grow, it has become very important to upgrade our current setups to increase our workflow and abilities to spin and mix.

After many research and reviews on high-rated DJ accessories around the market, we have chosen top 10 most important Dj Accessories that are listed here. We want to provide our readers with an all-in-one shopping guide and review on all of our favorite pieces of DJ accessories and gear in the world. Let’s get started!

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The 10 best DJ accessories review 2018

Here is a list of the 10 best DJ accessories that are useful and life-saving.

1. A good Gig Bag

As a DJ, you drown yourself in the cables. Surely, has already started to be good at packaging the cables correctly, but you put them too?

With a nice bag like the Odyssey Space Rack Bag, you have plenty of space to safely store all the extra things you’ll acquire and transport naturally from one event to another.

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2. Dancefloor lighting

The lighting/atmosphere of the dance floor can create or destroy an event. It’s also one of the most expensive parts of being a DJ.

In many circumstances, what you are trying to achieve with the lighting of the dance floor can be achieved by using a wide range of budget packages. An excellent offer for DJ lighting right now is the American LED Supply Pak 2 LED which, of course, can be combined with much more expensive lighting systems.

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3. Laptop Support Stand

If you’re using a laptop with your setup, you’ve probably already encountered a problem so you can quickly use it based on the controls. That’s why we suggest considering a laptop stand.

The perfect support for your laptop can be hard to find, but if you’re using a Mac PC, you should consider looking at this laptop. Its portability makes it a great way to free up space in your laptop configuration.

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4. American DJ Tape

Using tape will be strange, but when you use it, it will save lives. As a professional DJ, the insulating tape will save your performance many times during your career, so make sure you bring something with you at all times.

The only problem with the tape is that it can destroy the things it is positioned on. That’s why we recommend buying a low-residual product, such as American DJ Tape.

Of course, there are many other options to consider when it comes to insulating tape. Remember that you will probably buy only 1 or 2 rolls that will last more than 5 years.

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5. Power Management (Eliminator E107 Control Center)

As a professional DJ, you’ll always need more outputs for something. As a result, it’s really better if you buy a diet that gives you a great ability to be creative and add to your configuration.

The E107 elimination control center offers eight separate three-pin connectors. These types of systems are excellent for several reasons: they are easy to store and screw into cabinets and also eliminate damage caused by cables.

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6. Rack Case

If you use products such as power amplifiers, wireless microphones or multiple sockets, you may have already noticed that these products can be screwed securely into a housing. Products like Gator 10 Space Rack Homes are a worthy investment to follow.

With rack cases, you can transport multiple components in a single case without worrying about breaking them. Because of this, they have no price.

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7. RCA to Headphone Adapter

Being able to connect an iPod, a phone or any Mp3 device to your configuration is a must as a DJ. Explain more things that you do not see coming, instead of the things you see coming.

When something does not work, it can kill your sound, you can always use an iPod again. There are also circumstances in which it is necessary to take a request for an iPod.

Having a quality cable from a trusted brand like Monster iCable will prove at one time or another that it is a lifesaver.

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8. Double RCA to RCA Cords

Unless you are using a fully digital configuration, you will probably need RCA cables to connect the controllers to a mixer or other components to connect the configuration. RCA cables are one of the products that really can be essential

We recommend quality in relation to the price of the cables because the strength of the connection can affect the quality of the sound. The Monster DJ RCA stereo cables are a great opportunity to explore and are not that expensive.

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9. A coffin

When you have the classic DJ configuration with 2 CDJ and a mixer, it is almost necessary to have a coffin. Using and storing some of your coffee facilities is something very convenient to do.

Coffins like the Odyssey CD DJ Coffin Case are especially easy for all DJ needs, as they have wheels and a very robust design. If you plan to get a coffin, make sure it is useful for its use, storage, and transportation.

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10. External hard drive

If you do not have one yet, you will soon have a large music library and you can even have video clips or karaoke libraries to put in your total collection. Sooner or later, you will need a place to store all this information, and it is very easy to bring the entire music library to other DJ settings if you bring all your files to a hard drive.


For portability, price, and capacity, we recommend WD 1TB My Passport. Western Digital is a great brand of hard drives, and you can still buy 2TB if you think 1TB is not enough.

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Final Verdict:

All these products are the best DJ accessories if you have a limited budget. The best DJ accessories can really be different according to the needs of each DJ.

However, we hope to have shown that some of the best DJ accessories can be much cheaper than you imagine. This DJ accessory from the top 10 must serve as a reference to help you make informed decisions.

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