What’s The Best Dj Equipment To Buy For Beginners 2018-2019

What is the best DJ Equipment to by in 2018! Well, 20 years ago the options for a Disc Jockey were very simple such as two turntables, a pair of headphones and a good mixer. Nowadays things are different. Although there are many purists who prefer to use vinyl, there are many who simply opt to bring just a good laptop and controller to a gig.

Some even just bring a USB stick and plug it into a pair of media players. But the things are changing all the time it is difficult to select what DJ equipment is essential and what not. The needs may be different for the beginners and the best performers.

Keeping this in mind we’ve selected a list of ten DJ items for beginners and professionals.

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Best DJ Equipment To Buy in 2018 Reviews

1. Pioneer CDJ900NXS Digital Player

Best Dj Equipment to buy in 2018There is little argument that the Pioneer CDJ range has been the preferred brand by professional DJs for more than a decade and with the launch of the flagship CDJ2000Nexus, they have consolidated their position. However, with that unit out of the financial reach of many, the CDJ900NXS offers a more affordable alternative for those who want standard industry equipment in the home.

It has almost all the features of its older brother in a more affordable package, which includes compatibility with Pioneer’s rekordbox software that can load pre-prepared tracks via USB or even a Wi-Fi connection. However, as its name would suggest, it is still possible to play your CD / CDRs in the traditional way. The large screen with high resolution is one of the outstanding features here, along with the sensitive high definition jogging wheel and the connection capability.

The CDJ900NXS also allows you to connect to other Pioneer units through a LAN connection, allowing you to upload music from a single hard drive to multiple platforms. The flexibility of Pioneer is also clearly evident with the additional possibility of loading MP3 files from your smartphone or tablet through the free rekordbox application.

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2. Ableton Push

Fulfilled and adaptable, Ableton is an accomplished and adaptable software that has become the access platform for DJs and producers thanks to its logical layout on the screen. Until recently, however, the software lacked a truly intuitive hardware interface, somewhat rectified with the launch of the Push controller.

More than just a device to activate clips, the controller has three modes to help you create rhythms using a simple step sequencer, a new way of entering melodic content that does not require the user to have years of experience in music theory. and a way to improvise their tracks, all through the 64 panels sensitive to speed and sensitive to pressure.

The hardware is powered by a USB bus connecting your Mac or PC and with Akai Professional as an engineering partner, the Push controller is a professionally finished matter. Whether you are an Ableton veteran or a newly converted disciple, the Push controller will grease your DJ’s wheels and live performance.

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3. Headphones AIAIAI TMA-1

With excellent sound quality, which is also less likely to damage hearing at high volume, the AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones are gaining popularity. Having been designed with the help of a large group of renowned DJs, the TMA-1s are both tranquilizing and pleasantly malleable, accentuating the quality and comfort of the audio.

The wide frequency response of closed-cup controllers takes you up to 20Hz and up to a 20kHz lens, and with a little bit of form, these headphones have been designed for bass music, making them ideal for dance music DJs. The lightweight design also features two pluggable cables: a shorter cable that includes a microphone for use with a smartphone and a longer one without it.

Having been tested in a variety of situations, including clubs, studios and live shows, these headphones are the ideal partner for hardworking DJs and musicians.

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4. Audio Technica LP1240 USB Professional DJ Turntable

With the renewed interest in the vinyl that continues to increase, it makes sense that there is a modern deck that presents all the necessary functions for the DJ with some additional extras. The LP1240 from Audio Technica manages to follow the classic but sadly discontinued Technics 1210 and builds on this much-loved design.

It includes start/stop control, lens light, adjustable legs, tone attenuator, strobe plate and non-slip mat as expected and adds reverse playback, 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm options, stereo phono preamp and USB capacity for mixing. This means that it is possible to record your vinyl collection directly on your Mac or PC, converting it to a digital format of your choice, including MP3 and WAV. If you are looking to expand your DJ experience by adding vinyl mix to your skill set, then the Audio Technica LP1240 could be the solution you are looking for. And If you want to learn about music theory visit here.

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5. DJ Tech DIF-1S Two-channel DJ scratch mixer

High-performance mixers designed for scratch DJs can be expensive, but if you need a flexible two-channel battle style mixer that’s simple and affordable, DJ Tech’s DIF 1S will cover all those bases. For this mixer, DJ Tech has decided to maintain a simple two-channel design that features the respected Audio Innovate Mini InnoFader, performing crossfade tasks. It is possible to adjust the crossfader curve and invert the attenuators for those that favor hamster-style scratching and have gain equalization control and three bands for each program channel. Perhaps the most innovative feature is revealed in the source selection control that allows vinyl covers, CD covers, and digital vinyl control systems, which means you no longer have the hassle of unplugging and reconnecting your DVS box while another person is clicking. This is the ideal mixer for use in a small bedroom setting, and for anyone looking for an affordable, flexible mixer that can accommodate a microphone and have ports for 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphones.

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6. Magma Root DJ backpack (large)

This strong and reliable DJ bag is designed to carry the essentials of a digital DJ setup that includes a controller or mixer, a 19 “laptop, as well as timcode records and many accessories. ordered can be divided into two by a partition with velcro that can be removed if necessary, and is ideal to carry a controller such as the VCI-380, Ableton Push or Kontrol S2, or small mixers such as Native. , leaving enough room for a laptop to slide in. Alternatively, you can use the bag to carry a laptop and a small keyboard controller or drum machine, such as Dave Smith Instruments Tempest.The front sleeve will store up to five discs. 12 “vinyl and if you need space for headphones, cables and maybe even a small controller like X1 or F1, there is ample space in the pockets front illo.

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7. Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller / Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MkII

It can be a trap to place two controllers in one place, but if you are a digital DJ, it is most likely that you use one of the two software: Serato DJ or Traktor. Instead of sacrificing one over the other, it makes sense to include what we believe are the best drivers for both systems in one place. If you are a Serato DJ user, then Pioneer’s new effort is the first controller that works with the popular software. The DDJ-SR is the most compact version of Pioneer’s largest DDJ-SX unit; however, the younger brother has many of the same characteristics. The two aluminum wheels, the built-in sound card, the large transport controls and the performance pads are present and correct. The DDJ-SR has two built-in channels with adjustable fader curve, trim, equalizer, effects control, filter and a six-segment level meter for visual feedback. The launch of hot signals and samples is automatically synchronized with BPM, and other labor-saving features, such as combined effects, allow you to activate multiple effects with a single panel. Coming from the stable Pioneer, the users of their CDJ players and their DJM mixers will feel at ease and completely at home with this controller.

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For strict and integrated control of your Traktor software, look no further than the Kontrol S4 MkII from Native Instruments. Long considered the industry standard for DJ controllers, the S4 gives you access to four creative mixing platforms with a built-in 24-bit / 96 kHz sound card that is as easy to use as it’s possible. Touch control comes in the form of two rotating wheels, tone attenuators, effects control knobs and access to extended Traktor features, such as Remix Decks, which can be accessed via the S4’s backlit color pads . Further enhanced by a flexible integrated four-channel mixer, with equalizer and gain control, the S4 also presents a variety of versatile connection possibilities, including MIDI, pedal control and headphone outputs, booth and high gain master. The muscular S4 MkII is also adaptable enough to allow you to use two analog decks, a microphone and it is even compatible with your iPhone or iPad with Traktor DJ, and it also comes in a simplified version of two platforms known as S2.

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8. Cartridge and pencil Ortofon Concorde S120

For those who still play with vinyl, buying new needles may be a minefield, but Ortofon has proven to be the most appropriate company in this field, and the progressive design of the S120 cartridge provides the greatest amount of flexibility and freedom for vinyls. DJ. One of the main concerns of record collectors and busy DJs is the amount of wear that excessive play has on their vinyl. The Concorde S120 introduces new low levels of unprecedented recording wear and is accompanied by an amazing audio quality even with a modern DJ cartridge design, making the S120 a pencil and a cartridge of choice. Ortofon has used an innovative asymmetric suspension to improve tracking and ensure that the needle remains in the slot, even in challenging live performance conditions.

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9. Pioneer DJM750 mixer

Along with its renowned CDJ media players, Pioneer has also been at the forefront of cutting-edge mixing technology and its popularity as the workhorse of the DJ world is evident in the clubs and bar booths around the world, the most of which find there a Pioneer mixer of some description. The DJM750 offers DJs of all experiences, the tools to deliver creative sets with excellent sound quality on four channels.

There are thirteen synchronized effects of rhythms that include roll sample, phaser, filter, delays, and reverberations, plus an organic vinyl break effect that works in conjunction with the automatic BPM cursors. In addition, there is an updated sound color effects section that includes noise, jet, filter and crushes under the control of a single knob. In addition to supporting traditional covers, the DJM750 allows you to connect directly via USB, with the integrated 24-bit / 96kHz sound card. With a full set of professional audio connections on the back, this mixer is the new workhorse of the DJM range.

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10. Faderfox UC3 Driver

If you are a traveling DJ or producer and the space in your luggage is tight, chances are you are interested in one of the smallest drivers in the market. Faderfox has been at the lowest point of the compact MIDI controller design in recent years and with the launch of the UC3 universal controller they have set a new precedent in multi-level control. Equipped with eight program faders and underlined with a crossfade, the UC3 includes eight push encoders and a four-digit display for visual commentary.

Although the UC3 is a universal controller capable of helping you become familiar with any amount of DJ software and production packages, it is configured to work with Ableton Live 8, which is perhaps the most obvious configuration for this unit. This lightweight driver is wrapped in a rugged black plastic shell with one foot to raise the metal faceplate to a comfortable angle. This USB interface does not require the installation of any annoying driver and is even compatible with iPad using a camera connection kit.

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