Sony Mdr7506 Headphones Review 2018 (Best Buy)

Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone is my favorite pair of headphones that I have tried so far. Overall sound of these DJ headphones is very balanced. That means the Low, Medium, and high notes or tones are excellent.

I have enjoyed owning this great headphone for more than two years now. These are undoubtedly worth the price. And I highly recommend this awesome headphone for you.


Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone Reviews ( Best Buy)

Sony Mdr7506 Headphones Review

The overall design of Sony MDR7506 is fairly good. They are well designed for the most part. It comes with Neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers for awesome, powerful and detailed sound.

The closed-ear design of this best headphone provides a comfortable and outstanding reduction of external noises. This best sound instrument has a 9.8-foot cord that ends in a gold-plated plug which is not detachable and a 1/4-inch adapter is included with it. Sony MDR7506 can be folded up for storage or travel in provided soft case.

The Frequency Response is 10Hz – 20 kHz. This large diaphragm and foldable headphone feature a rugged construction and a secure high effective closed-ear design. Each cable bend point of Sony MDR7506 is reinforced with additional rubber.

The soldering to the driver seems sturdy as well. It should be able to withstand most tugs. This is actually not an issue with the gargantuan coiled cable. The coiled cable also helps to prevent a large number of tangles.


  • People won’t have to hear your music when it is at a fairly loud volume as the sound leakage on the original pads is fairly low.
  • Noise isolation is mediocre and you can hear people saying things through these depending on the volume.
  • You will get extremely long coiled cable and 1/4-inch adapter.
  • Sturdy cable design and fairly comfortable.
  • The Cup adjustment pieces have numbers on them to ensure a specific setting.


  • Cable is extremely long.
  • The headband will lose its tension between your ears over time.
  • Faux leather pads will need to be replaced.
  • The wire that connects the drivers to the headband can get stuck in the
  • housing.

Final Verdict:

Aside from a few gripes, these are still my favorite set of headphones. They simply sound right. They are studio quality headphones. You will get amazing sound quality, but not great for being out in the heat. Otherwise, they never made any claims at all, as they are an inanimate object without speech capability. They do have the capability to deliver superb sound quality though, which is mostly what you want in a pair of headphones.

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